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Wai On is glad to launch the Cloud-based HRIS which is a total staffing solution suitable for any kind of business. It includes HR Administration Portal and Staff Self-service Portal.

HR Administration Portal helps the HR users to manage the staff records easily and simplifies the process in handling the payroll and MPF contribution calculation.

Staff Self-service Portal allows your staff to manage their own personal records, apply leave and submit expense claims in anywhere and anytime, such as in the various regional offices or shops, even during the business trips. The build-in approval workflow can help the manager or supervisor to manage the leave and claims application. All the data are connected directly to HR administration portal in order to reduce the HR administration workload.

Product Advantage:
1. Cost saving – No need to buy and maintain any hardware if you subscripted to use cloud version with inexpensive annual fee.
2. Improve work efficiency – Payroll and MPF process automation is saving your time.
3. Rich Feature – it is flexible to implement the system follow by your company policy.
4. Connectable – Direct connect to bank for autopay payroll and MPF payment processing.
5. Reliable – The system is held in Microsoft Azure platform.

HR administration portal provides the features including:
1. Human Resource Management
2. Payroll processing
3. Statutory Minimum Wage compliance
4. Time and Labor Management 
5. Staff Performance Appraisal Report
6. Management Report / Dashboard
7. Taxation Automation
8. MPF/ORSO Automation (Including: The contribution record for MPF Employee Choice Arrangement
強積金僱員自選安排/ 強積金半自由行)
9. Bank Auto-Pay
10. Staff Training and promotion Records
11. Absence Management
12. Travel and Expense Claims

Staff Self-service Portal:
1. Approval workflow
2. Staff personal record management
3. Leave self-management
4. Travel and Expense Claims self-management
5. Performance appraisal process
6. Payroll and MPF contribution summary report
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